Amenities at The Scandi

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Kevin and Liz
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When you enter the Scandi, the first thing you'll feel is how spacious and open it is! Although it's only 24ft x 8.5ft, it was thoughtfully designed to maximize all of the space and give you all of the amenities you need to have a wonderful relaxing vacation.

Amenities at the Scandi

We think great coffee is an essential ingredient to every vacation getaway, so we don't skimp on coffee at the Scandi! You'll use our burr grinder to grind our fresh roasted coffee from our favorite local roaster and coffee shop (The Red Mug Coffee Co). You can make yourself a cup of joe with the traditional coffee maker, or if you prefer, you can make yourself a pour over.

We love coffee, (and drink lots of it) so we wanted to provide every guest with a pour over and our favorite freshly roasted beans.

And if tea is more your thing, we got you covered as well.

NEW: Due to popular request, we added a microwave to the kitchen

Big screen entertainment

There's plenty of things to do in the area, but for the evenings that you want to relax in front of your favorite show, we got you covered! And just because it's a tiny home, it doens't mean you'll have to settle on a small 32 inch TV like most people expect.

The 55" 4K smart TV is set up with your favorite subscriptions, including Netflix, Prime Video, and Youtube TV.

Sit around the fire

One of our favorite things about the Scandi is the path leading down to the tiny home and the outdoor fire pit area. It's a wonderful place to spend a romantic evening.

We provide firewood, as well as firestarters that make it easy get your fire going. There's also a few tiki-torches with mosquito-repellent oil, so critters should (mostly) leave you alone.

Fall asleep under the stars

Another one of our favorite features! Look at the stars as you wind down from a day of exploring. If you want to sleep in however, don't forget to close it before you fall asleep. :) 

Think Glamping, not camping.

We designed The Scandi to be luxuriously relaxing. So of the other amenities you'll find at the Scandi include: 

  • A full bathroom. No composting toilet, cold showers or anything like that.
  • A washer/dryer. Although most guests don't need a washer/dryer, it is available for your use.
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