Outdoors at the Scandi

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Kevin and Liz
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The Scandi was designed with big windows to let you experience nature. When designing any tiny home, we think it's important to let plenty of light fill the place. There's windows on every side of the Scandi to really let you look out.

Enjoy evenings around a fire

You'll park, and then walk a hundred feet down a mulched path to The Scandi. Along the way you'll see the firepit that's exclusively yours to enjoy during your stay at The Scandi. There are four chairs provided, so you can invite friends to join you for cookout, or just to relax and enjoy conversation. Path lights turn on at night to illuminate the path down to The Scandi.

Tiki torches help light up the area and keep the mosquitos away.

Fall asleep under the stars

With the skylight above the bed, you can enjoy the stars as you fall to sleep. It's solar powered, so if you want to close it, all it takes is a tap on the switch.

Lounging outdoors

Whether you want to sip your coffee or get some sun, the deck is the perfect place to do so.

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