Amenities at Apt 359

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Kevin and Liz
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Apt 359 is a two bedroom apartment that furnished with a family in mind. From the games, to the location, we think it's everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

Fully Furnished kitchen

With the fully furnished kitchen, you can cook at home as easy as going out. Even though there's half a dozen restaurants within just a mile or two, our the fully furnished kitchen is set up so you can cook and enjoy a quiet evening in.

Planning on cooking something special? Need to know if we have something specific? Ask us on instagram or via email for a quick answer!

A coffee station to write home about

Know the smell of the bitter, stale coffee you've come to expect at hotels? We hate it too. At Apt 359, we provide freshly ground coffee from our favorite local roaster! And since all good coffee should be ground right before consumption, we've included a burr grinder as well. Whether you like the taste of french press or prefer the easy of using a drip coffee, we've got you covered.

How do you take your coffee? French press? Drip? Prefer tea? We've got you covered.

In-house laundry

Our guests with longer stays are thankful for the washer & dryer available for you to use - right in the apartment.

Your entertainment needs

Our 55" 4k tv includes a subscription to Netflix, Prime, and Youtube TV. And our 100MB DSL connection is fast enough for whatever streaming you'd like to do.

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